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Coal Power Atlas

Coal Power Atlas shows the locations and names of many thousands of coal-fired power plants across the world. Click on ‘View Full Screen’ to enlarge the map,  then click on a power plant to find its name and capacity.

The Atlas contains most of the world’s major power stations whose locations are known. Multiple units are combined to provide the total plant generating capacity, but not necessarily the output that is available to the grid. Capacity data refer to the entire plant MWe (electrical output only). Any capacity data are an indication of the gross output and are not exact due to rounding.
The plant steam conditions are assumed to be subcritical, and where possible the plants are designated with other information, such as subcritical (SUB), supercritical (SC) or ultra-supercritical (USC).
Stations with D or M in parentheses use, or have used, domestic (D) and/or imported (M) coal during its operating life.
Where plants lack capacity data, they may have changed operating status, or the capacities are not known at the time of updating the database.
The names, locations, and capacities (if shown) are obtained freely from public sources such as corporate websites, Wikipedia, and Wikimapia. However, the IEA CCC does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and takes no responsibility for errors.
The Atlas is an ongoing project, it is not exhaustive, nor does it represent the entire fleet, either in operation, under construction or decommissioned. Decommissioned or standby plants may also be included in the Atlas. 
Sites for some plants that are under construction or planned may be included if the locations are known, but such plants are generally not included.
In addition to the comprehensive list of coal plants, the Atlas also contains a limited selection of some of the largest gas, oil, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar and wind power stations currently in operation.
For any omissions or errors on coal-fired plants, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Please contact with latitude and longitude of the  plant and any other details, we will endeavour to rectify the error as soon as practicable.


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