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Workshops in China
Hebei Province and Shandong Province workshops, January 2015

Two workshops were held in Hebei Province and Shandong Province in January 2015 as a collaborative effort between the IEA Clean Coal Centre, the British Government, through the FCO, the Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute, Tsinghua University and the Foreign Affairs office (UK) of Hebei and Shandong Provinces.

The aim of the workshops was to assist the provincial governments to develop positive frameworks for the introduction of clean coal technologies with higher efficiencies and reduced environmental impacts. 

The project is part of an overall transition to a diverse energy mix that will include natural gas and renewables, in line with national policies set out by the National Energy Administration of China. 

The aims will be achieved through the provision of credible, impartial, expert advice at the technical and financial level regarding the cost effectiveness of introducing clean coal technologies. The frameworks produced will be relevant to other coal-dominated provinces that are without ready access to natural gas and have, as yet, limited renewable energy resources.


The IEA Clean Coal Centre is an international organisation with a strong reputation for comprehensive, impartial advice on all policy, technical, economic and social issues related to clean coal technologies. It also has good links to major coal-based stakeholders in China. 

The Centre worked with the Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute (EPPEI) and Tsinghua University to deliver the project with support from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

EPPEI provides expertise to the government, financial institutions, investors, developers, project owners and relevant enterprises on many aspects of the electric power industry. It is entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) to evaluate electric power projects. EPPEI has a strong reputation for expertise on all aspects of establishing new coal-fired power plants and for the upgrading of existing units. 

The Thermal Engineering Department of Tsinghua University is internationally renowned and has enormous experience of developing clean coal solutions for both power and non-power coal based applications. 

These three organisations, together with representatives from the China Energy Research Society and Beijing University of Technology, represent a powerful consortium of clean coal experts. 

Provincial workshops

The clean coal technology workshops for industrial stakeholders and government officials took place on 13-14 January in Shandong Province and 15-16 January 2015 in Hebei Province.

On the first day of each workshop, the clean coal experts provided a series of interactive presentations on technology options that could assist the two Provinces to make an effective transition towards cleaner coal use in various sectors. 

On the second day, there was more detailed discussions on specific issues that stakeholders wished to raise. The IEA Clean Coal Centre consortium was able to determine the views of the provincial officials on mechanisms to facilitate the introduction of cost effective clean coal technology in the major coal using sectors. This can be either through new units or by retrofitting and upgrading existing units.

The issues raised will be taken forward in subsequent discussions with the Department of Coal at the National Energy Administration of China. 

The products and results of the workshops will be relevant to some other provinces. Dissemination of the work will be through various channels. It will include the preparation of a communique that can be distributed to other coal-dominated provinces which have similar energy and environmental challenges related to inefficient coal use.

The workshop programme

Day 1

Opening session

Chair: Li Yongshen, Deputy Director of Shandong FAO
Opening remarks - Liu Yuan, Director of Shandong FAO
Opening remarks - Mark Gooding, ‎Minister Counsellor of British Embassy
Overview of the workshop, launch of the IEA Clean Coal Centre’s Mandarin website, and remarks about cleaning up coal related air quality in the UK -  Andrew Minchener, General Manager, IEA CCC
Review of policies for energy use in Shandong province - XXX, Shandong DRC

Session One: Coal Power Sector Issues

Chair: Prof Yao Qiang, Tsinghua University
Overview of energy and environmental issues - Xxx, Shandong Energy Group Co.
Power plant efficiency improvements - Mao Jianxiong, Tsinghua University
Cofiring coal and biomass in coal power plants - Colin Henderson, IEA CCC

Session Two: Energy and Environmental Issues

Chair: Prof Xia Dehong, Beijing University of Science and Technology
Smog and clean energy utilisation in JingJinJi region - Yao Qiang, Tsinghua University
Emission control technologies for coal fired power plants - Zhao Min, Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute
Coal quality issues and options - Andrew Minchener, IEA CCC

Session Three: Issues in Non-Power Sectors 

Chair: Prof Mao Jianxiong, Tsinghua University
New technologies and improvements for industrial boilers - Wang Fan, Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Centre of China Energy Research Society
Energy conservation and emission reduction progress in metallurgical industry - Xia Dehong, University of Science and Technology Beijing
Development of deNOx technologies for cement kilns - Song Qiang, Tsinghua University
General discussion led by Prof Mao Jianxiong, Tsinghua University
Close of meeting by Andrew Minchener, IEA CCC

Day 2

Chair: Dr Andrew Minchener, IEA CCC
More detailed discussions on specific issues that stakeholders wish to raise. 

The presentations made at the workshops are available to download by clicking on the papers listed.


Workshop Presentations


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